Hello, this is GENIE the virtual user assistant of GPRO project. You can ask me questions in two ways: First, navigating the workflow maps of each GPRO application that can be accessed by clicking any of the tabs of the menu below. If you do so, a map of the utility of each tool will appear where you can click on any step of the map and I will respond you in the dialog interface of this web site (GENIE screen to the right).

Second, you can ask me questions at any moment writing them directly in the dialog interface Please bear in mind that I am still an artificial intelligence prototype and that I am still learning so I can fail responding to some questions.

However, if I not able to successfully respond your question I will redirect you to the forum of Biotechvana which is chat of experts where you can open a new thread related to that question and our experts or other users will be give you support. Please also bear in mind that by now I only give my answers in English. In the next future I will be able to assist the users in other languages but I am still learning about how to do it.

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Hipra Scientific S.L.U, Polypeptide Therapeutic Solutions S.L., Biotechvana S.L. and Nostrum Biodiscovery constitute the consortium of enterprises participating in the project "Research of a new vaccine for a human respiratory disease", granted by the CDTI (Center for Industrial Technological Development), and supported by the Ministry of Science and Innovation and financed by the European Union – NextGenerationEU. The main objective of this project is to design a safe immunogenic and effective vaccine against the respiratory syncytial virus.

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